The areas of Taoist Yoga practise
Learning Taoist Yoga is a process, which progresses gradually from the basic level towards more advanced skills. First we learn to connect with our bodies, relaxing, cleansing and stretching it as well as quietening our mind and feeling the Chi-energy.
Later on the methods of channelling, moving and transforming the energy will be added. One will, among other things, learn how to revitalise our body functions, deal with negative emotions and communicate with the Earth, forces of Nature and the Universe.
The session usually starts with this warming-up phase. Its aim is to prepare the body, mind and energy system for the actual practise.
Here you can download (in Finnish)
the basic warm-up sequence.

Inner Smile
Innersmile is a language that the body can easily understand. It is real nectar to our organs and cells. It relaxes, energises, and creates pleasure and positiviness. Innersmile Meditation increases our body awareness and provides us with the possibility to influence our vitality and well-being.
Here you can download
the booklet of the Inner Smile by Michael Winn.(pdf-format)

Chi Self Massage
With Chi Self Massage one can strengthen and rejuvenate the function of one’s organs, muscles, meridians and sense organs through touch. One applies strokes, massage, pressure and patting to different parts of the body. One can release tension in the neck, shoulders, massage the belly, rotate the toes and fingers as well as press the acupuncture points. Chi Self Massage, followed by Innersmile Meditation, helps us to promote body awareness and balances the energy all over our body.

Meridian Stretching
Meridian stretching open up the body for better flow of Chi-energy. With regular practise they also strengthen and stretch the muscles and joints. There are all together 12 basic movements and they are performed in an order that maximises their benefits.

Healing Sounds for inner organs
The Healing Sounds help to release over heating and emotional pressure from the organs. Practising Healing Sounds is a good way of getting acquainted with one’s organs and learn to listen into their state.

Microcosmic Orbit
Microcosmic Orbit aka. Small Heavenly Round or Circulation of Light ties up our entire energy system into single flow and helps us to keep the meridians open and in balance. During this meditation one focuses on opening up the Conception and the Governor Vessels at the front and the back of our spine. One lerns to circulate the energy around the body as well as harmonising and recharging our energy centers, chakras.

Tao of Sexuality
The sexual energy aka Ching is the finest and strongest energy in our body (organs). An excessive excretion of sexual energy out of one’s body, for example due to ejaculation, menstrual cycle or pregnancy may with the time weaken one’s vitality, expose for diseases and cause premature aging.
According to the esoteric teaching of Taoist Yoga one can strengthen, refine and direct the sexual energy back into one’s organs, glands and higher energy centers. This will nourish one’s vitality and spititual growth. Uniting the energy of the Heart (Love) with the sexual energy plays an important role in this practise.

Fusion of the Five Elements/ Harmonizing the Internal Organs (1-3)
The aim of Fusion practise is to develop the concentration and calmness of the mind. It also helps in processing any negative emotions and transforming them into a posivitive life force. Through the Fusion we start to become aware of our so called inner energy chanells and open them. This gradually prepares us for the higher practises of Water & Fire Alchemy.

Standing Postures / Iron-Shirt Chi Kung
The Iron-Shirt Chi Kung exercises strengthen our physical structure and posture. They also foster our body awareness and grounding. One learns how to incline the body with the gravity and how to utilise this force.

Bone Breathing
Bone Breathing, traditionally known as Bone Marrow Nei Kung is one of the acient practises developed by the Taoist Yoga Masters. It enhances the physical and psycho-spiritual well-being and prevents premature aging. In Bone Breathing one uses the internal breath for guiding Chi-energy into the bones and bone marrow. Strengthening the kidneys is also an important part of this practise.

Other areas of Taoist Yoga are:

Taiji (Tai Chi)

Internal Organ Massage (Chi Nei Tang)
Tao Astrology
Mindless Dance
Dream Yoga
Water & Fire Alchemy