Taoist Yoga

Taoist Yoga is based on an ancient Taoist spiritual tradition. Its key methods include different levels of physical exercises, meditation and practices with Chi-energy. The purpose of the different practices is to maintain and improve physical vitality, balance emotions and furthermore promote the clarity of mind and spirit.
Tao Yoga helps us to connect and be present with our pure, original self.

Real physical body
In Tao Yoga physical body is seen as real, one of the expressions of the Spirit, the home of the subtle, immortal Spirit. Therefore the health and vitality of our physical body is nurtured.
Even though our physical body is seen as material, it is the densest part of our energy body. In reality our body is a very wide concept, which includes our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimension.
When we accept our physical body as real we are able us to ground ourselves and have a solid foundation for our lives.

Exercising the internal organs
Tao Yoga exercises focus on our internal organs. They represent the interaction of different forces within us. Our organs maintain the harmony in our body and react easily on all internal and external changes. They have the ability to store and create energy, carry emotions, thoughts, experiences and memories within. Negative experiences are often reflected as negative emotions and imbalance in our organs. Taoist Yoga helps to recover and balance the state of our organs and transfer the negative emotions into positive life force.

The Energy Body
Our life force flows along the meridians. They are channels running on the medial and lateral sides of our bodies as well as our centerline. Meridians nourish our bodies and connect different structures of our bodies such as organs, tissues and cells. They are part of our aura, which Taoist Yoga calls the Energy or Chi-Body.
This Chi-Body expresses itself in us in number of ways. It is kind of a connector field, which transfers vibrational information between our external and internal world.
Abundant Chi-energy and its free flow signify good health and vitality.

When we learn to connect with our Chi-body we able to be present with ourselves. However, feeling the subtle vibration of Chi requires tuning in and stillness of mind. With the help of Taoist Yoga practices we can expand our awareness and sensitiveness for this life carrying force and learn how to guide it for example with our breath, body movements, eyes, visualisation and mindfulness.

Is Taoist Yoga something for me?
Taoist Yoga represents a comprehensive set of practise, which equally develops all the dimensions of our being. It does not require acrobatics or any other type of special abilities. All you need is an interest in your well-being and open-mindedness for new things and experiences. Regardless of our background everybody will progress with the practise.
Tao Yoga is a flexible practise method which can be adjusted to differences in age, sex, physical limitations etc.